Refinancing Your Home Loan

Stage 4: Talk to Your Current Lender

Before you engage in serious discussion with other lenders, it is worthwhile talking to your current lender to see what they can do to keep you. Generally, it is easier for lenders to retain existing customer rather than trying to look for new client. Here are some benefits of doing this:

  • Quick and Easy – Your current lender already has your details and know your repayment history
  • Avoid Paying Refinance Fees – Refinance cost can be quite significant
  • Save Time and Paperwork – Refinance process from start to finish can take up to 2 months. There is also numerous paperwork that you need to provide and prepare for new lenders
  • Room for Negotiation – Lender will try and do their best to keep you as a customer especially if you also have your day to day banking with them

If you think that you only have a small loan and you are not important to your current lender, think again.

If your loan balance is $300,000, your interest rate is 3% and you have 25 years remaining on your loan term, the potential loss to the lender will be close to $130,000 in interest revenue.



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