First Home Buyer

Buying Your First Home

Stage 5: Choosing Your First Home

What sort of property do you want?  Would you like an apartment or a unit or a house? Is this going to be your “forever home” or your “starter home”?

A forever home is the place you plan to stay, well, forever.  It will be comfortable and suit your lifestyle, and your family’s (or your future family’s) lifestyle for many years to come.

A starter home will start you off in the real estate market.

Once you’ve paid off some of the principal of the home loan you’ll own a part of the property. This is known as equity.  With a certain percentage of equity you may be able to borrow more money to buy another property.

Many people choose to buy a home unit or apartment with a plan to sell it in the near future.  In Australia, for many years, property prices have been rising and it could be a matter of waiting for interest rates to fall or property prices to go up to make a profit from selling a starter home.  There is, however, no guarantee whatsoever that this will happen!

Others may buy a place in poor condition, do it up and sell it for a profit.

This isn’t the case for everyone.

We’ve put together a house hunting checklist. You can download the checklist here.

Look through it and check what you must have and what’s not important to you. If you’re buying with your partner, this is a good exercise to do together. Remember, some things can be added later, like a security system or ducted air-conditioning, and other things just won’t change no matter what you do, like land size and property location.

Perhaps you won’t find the things that you like in an established home and you may consider building your own home.


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