The Four Obstacles That Are Stopping Your From Buying Your First Home 

There’s a big difference between setting a goal to buy your first home and actually achieving it, as anyone who has ever been on a diet can tell you!  So, what is it that can stop us reaching our goals?

Psychologists have narrowed it down to four main obstacles.

Obstacle 1 – Lack of Desire

How badly do you want something to happen? To achieve your goal of owning your first home, you need to have a strong desire to do it. It needs to be something you really want to do.  Your passion to realise your goal will influence almost every decision you make.  The more you want to own your first home, the more effort you will put in.

It may sound silly but your goal needs to be something you really want.  It’s hard to build up passion and enthusiasm and to work hard for something you’re not particularly interested in.  Go back to your underlying purpose for wanting to own a home.  If you are honest to yourself, I’m sure you’ll find your motivation.  That motivation will help you help strengthen your commitment, overcome obstacles and recover from setbacks.

Obstacle 2 – Lack of Belief

You’ve probably heard the expression “What you believe drives your actions, and actions achieve results.”  If you believe that your goal is achievable, that certainty will help lead you to success. 

Much of what we believe comes from the people surrounding us.  If you’ve seen friends or family reach the same goal that you now have, it’s so much easier to believe that you can do it too.  Talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues about their experiences in home ownership and get some inspiration.

Obstacle 3 – Lack of Knowledge

Buying a home is a big deal.  It’s not something most people do often.  You’ll be able to learn a lot by talking to friends, colleagues and relatives who already own a home.  Not only that, there’s a wealth of information available in the form of books, websites and DVDs, as well as from the professionals like your accountant, mortgage broker , financial planner  and real estate agents.

By learning exactly how people have succeeded in buying their first home, you’ll be able to overcome the obstacle of lack of knowledge.

Obstacle 4 – Lack of Action

I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve reached this stage and then come to a standstill. They’ve told me that what held them back wasn’t financial constraint.  It was the F-word, Fear: fear of change, fear of commitment, fear of getting into a situation they didn’t understand.

I encourage them to work out exactly what it is that’s blocking them (The Five “Whys?” Process is a great way to get insight on this) and once they’ve defined that underlying reason as to why they’re at a standstill I ask them to really look at that fear and analyse how it can be overcome.  Sometimes just recognising that there’s a problem can be enough to overcome it.

The overwhelmingly positive goal of owning your own home can actually allay many deeply held fears. 

Yes, deciding to own your own home is a life changing decision.

So… what are you waiting for?



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